Dive by moonlight, see Phuket Thailands awesome Bioluminescence & night time reef critters - Night Diving Phuket

About :: Night Diving Phuket

Long story short, we love night diving and we want you to share in the adventure!

We are night divers

Join us to learn more about diving and the ocean at night.

We love to night dive, but, it is always more fun with a group of interested people, it also means more torches to light up the reef and find Octopi.

Very few people realise just how much the ocean can change at night and we are only just beginning to understand the significance night time plays in the life of a reef system.

Scientists actually just discovered a glowing shark!

That is why we love night diving, it puts us as divers into a whole new world of possibilities, excitement, fun and we want you to join us on our night time adventures.

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