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"Ever dove on the Black Moon or the Full Moon? Some very strange and wonderful things happen, so join us!"

What's so special?

The ocean is quite simply governed by the moon. That means so is our reef & all the night time critters that inhabit it. Come see the amazing coral spawning events or join us for peak bioluminescence night diving!

We don't want to give too much away about our special night dives, we'd rather you experience it in person, so lets just say there are certain times of the month or lunar cycle that produce stunning events on the reef. Have you ever been on a 'Full Moon' night dive? Because that's actually a trigger for the corals & the reef to go absolutely crazy and begin to spawn, it will totally blow your mind the life that visits there while the corals are getting jiggy.

Join us on a 'Black Moon' night dive for peak bioluminescence, sit in the sand and play at being an orchestra conductor as you activate as much green neon scatter as possible. With torches off it's one giant light show, an absolute must for any diver looking for something beyond the usual.

Our special night dives run in conjuction with the Moon, so we tend to add a few upcoming dives on the web site via the blog, but this page will always have a sign up form for our next special night dive, just to the right there. So feel free to sign up for it or just give us a call to secure a spot as we do fill up for these dives and can only take a maximum of 8 people (4 per Instructor). To secure your spot on a special night dive you will need to pay a small deposit via PayPal.

If you need any further convincing about special night diving in Phuket than please check out our gallery and video section to see some of the awesome adventures we have had. Feel free to get in contact with us to find out more or if you have any questions.

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