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Ready to do some Night Diving in Phuket? Get in contact with us and we'll show you what scuba diving is really about!

We are ready to take you night diving when ever you would like, so it's just a mtter of sending us an email or calling us to organise a night dive. We have three locations we use for night diving in Phuket but tend to dive mostly from Karon Beach and check out the beautiful house reef at night, it has a spectacular coral population, there are also large sand patches to sit in and play with the bioluminescence which abounds in Phuket waters.

We also use Kata beach for Night Diving because it's a very different dive from Karon, consisting of large boulders and cracks which are great fun to explore at night and eerily spooky in the moonlight. Bioluminescence here is also very good, turning off torches throws you into a world of green scatter and neon lights bouncing off anything which moves, a bit like being in an alien world at times.

We also dive off Secret Beach, which has Phukets only muck diving, a big black sand area inhabited by a mimic octopus which tends to show up there in the twilight as opposed to the day. He is very cool, and so are all the other amazing critters you can see on our night dives. Cuttlefish are almost a guarantee, it's very rare we don't spot them while night diving, Octopi (my favourite), lots of hunting morays swimming between rocks, non stinging Jellyfish with vibrant disco lighting, all types of amazing Nudibranchs including Chromodori, Bornellas, Ianthinas, Phyllidiellas, Pteraeolidias. So what are you waiting for?

If you need any further convincing about night diving in Phuket than please check out our gallery and video section to see some of the awesome adventures we have had. Or feel free to get in contact with us to find out more.

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