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"You'll need light to dive at night and there are some extra pre-cautions, read everything you need to know in here"

Night diving with us

To be honest there is not much you need think about, Night Diving Phuket and your dive guides have organised everything for you. But here's some helpful information you may want to know in advance

Price: Varies on location, our standard night dives cost 1,500 Baht but the best way to find out the prices is simply to get in contact with us, that way we can tailor the experience to what you want to do and see.

Lights & torches: Are provided, one for every diver. You can totally bring your own if you have a waterproof one rated to a minimum of 20 metres. We also sell very very very bright night torches if you are not happy with the shop equipment.

Glow sticks: Please do not bring them. Firstly if they break, they poison the reef, they are easy to lose or drop. They are not reliable light sources and they have no off switch which means you will ruin the dive for people interested in the bioluminescence.

Photo & Video: We usually try to film parts of the night dives and the cool critters we find, you can talk to us after the dives about getting your videos & photos. You can also film and take photos with your own equipment, but please be mindful of your diving group and no strobing delicate marine life like Seahorses.

Stay close: Night diving is dark and can be a little dis-orientating, but your instructor knows exactly where he or she is going, so stay close to them because not only will that keep you safe and happy on your dive, but the instructors will be the ones finding awesome critters.

Marine life: An unknown fact of coral reefs is that over half the animals and critters that live on them are nocturnal, like Octupus and Nudibranch, so the best time to catch these amazing creatures is at night. Check out the photo gallery or our night diving videos.

Dangers: There are very few actually, getting lost is the big one so stay close to your instructor while diving. Scorpion fish hide on rocks and are harder to spot at night, so don't touch the reef, look but don't disturb. We have never seen a shark on any of our night dives in Phuket, they simply don't like the shallow reefs we dive.

If you need any further convincing about night diving in Phuket than please check out our gallery and video section to see some of the awesome adventures we have had. Or feel free to get in contact with us to find out more.

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